TechdeckTalks – The Benefits Of Being An IT Freelancer

TechdeckTalks – The Benefits Of Being An IT Freelancer

Charlotte Rose

| 11 Aug 2022 | Category: Inspiration

This month on TechdeckTalks, we hear from Ezequias Serra about his experience of working as an IT freelancer across Europe.

Ezequias has been working as a freelancer, specifically in IT field infrastructure for over 8 years. During that time, he has undertaken tasks all over Europe including, work at the European Parliament, Microsoft and Warner Bros, to name a few.

Read more about his first-hand experiences and his thoughts around the benefits of being an IT freelancer.

The Benefits of Being an IT Freelancer

I became an IT freelancer in 2014 and haven’t looked back since then. For me, being employed was becoming boring and quite static. I found that I was working on very similar tasks without much satisfaction, reward, or professional development. Freelancing opened up so many more possibilities for me. If you are thinking of making the switch to freelancing, here’s why I think you won’t regret it!


 In IT freelancing, variety really is the spice of life! One day, I can be working in a datacentre for a major bank, onsite in a retail store, or performing installations in a government building.

The best thing about the vast variety of jobs in freelancing is the valuable hands-on experience I am gaining every day. My resume is constantly being added to and I thrive on the different challenges of every task.

In addition to this, I am constantly meeting new people, networking, and building up my professional contacts.


 Being your own boss is such a plus point of freelancing. You make your own schedule. If you would like an afternoon to visit family – you can do it. If you want to go to the gym in the daytime, it’s your choice! You take on the tasks when and where you want to.

No more applying for holiday or explaining to a supervisor why you want the time off. Of course, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid but ultimately it is up to you.

Professional Development

 IT freelancing is a superb way of progressing professionally in your specialist field. For those who are just starting out, it gives the opportunity to build your resume quickly into a full-blown portfolio.

You are gaining the best possible hands-on experience by taking on a variety of tasks in different working environments. This proves you are adaptable and can learn fast under pressure.

The diversity of the challenges will allow you to accumulate a lot of experience in a short period of time.

An Example

 Recently, I worked onsite for a major betting site building a network from scratch. There were multiple devices to be set up in 5 48RU racks and puffs. It took eight long days until I could see everything come to life and work properly. The satisfaction when everything came together filled me with a great feeling of accomplishment and more than that, the customer was delighted with the outcome.

In Summary

 As an IT freelancer you will:

  • Never be bored
  • Always be in control of your work schedule
  • Gain a lot of valuable experience in a short period of time

IT freelancing is definitely for the individual that loves to try something new every day and who is open to new challenges at any moment.

If you are thinking about switching your career to being a freelancer and have any questions for Ezequias, please get in contact at

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