Techdeck To Partner With Computer Aid To Support Global Green IT Initiatives

Techdeck To Partner With Computer Aid To Support Global Green IT Initiatives

Charlotte Rose

| 24 Nov 2021 | Category: Inspiration

Techdeck are proud to announce our upcoming partnership with Computer Aid, a non-profit organisation with a mission to empower the developing world by providing access to education through IT, implementing technology and supporting environmentally responsible solutions.

With the COP26 climate change conference drawing to a close on the 12th November, sustainability is very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Companies large and small are under more pressure than ever to reduce their carbon footprint and get on the path to net zero emissions, including companies across the IT industry.

With that in mind, our partnership with Computer Aid is set to develop over the next 12 months and become a long-term commitment. All future users of our platform, both businesses and IT professionals alike, will be able to support global Green IT initiatives by just using our online service. In the future, this will mean direct donations from each transaction on the Techdeck platform will go directly to Computer Aid.

What is Green IT?

The term Green IT has been around since the US Environment Agency launched ‘Energy Star’, a labelling program used to promote and recognise the energy efficiency of equipment in 1992. It is the practice of environmentally sustainable computing which aims to lessen the harmful impact of all IT operations on the environment. From the design and manufacturing through to the operating and disposal of equipment in an environmentally friendly way, the practice of Green IT is now more imperative than ever.

About Computer Aid

 Since 1997 Computer Aid has helped over 14.5 million people worldwide by providing over 260,000 computers in over 100 countries, enabling over 1 billion hours of learning.


  • They provide access to low-cost computers and software to non-profit organisations.
  • They train teachers in ICT skills to improve their ability and confidence.
  • All their global projects are monitored and evaluated with impact-based reporting.
  • They offer a secure IT disposal service to help companies tackle e-waste.
  • They recycle electronic waste at the end of its usable life.

A large part of what Computer Aid do is around the ethical and secure disposal of IT equipment. They work with companies across the UK and Europe to reuse their computers and other electronic devices. The equipment is given a second life whilst remaining compliant with GDPR, WEEE and hazardous waste regulations.

Many charitable organisations, individuals and communities have benefitted from Computer Aid’s repurposed IT equipment across the world. Here’s a snapshot of what they have achieved:

Global Projects:

  • 22 Solar Labs created and installed in public community areas, youth centres or schools
  • 74 Schools equipped with fully functioning computer laboratories
  • Over 94,800 direct beneficiaries (49% Male, 51% Female)
  • Average Digital Schools project has over 13,548 direct beneficiaries across all schools
  • Average Solar Lab project has over 737 direct beneficiaries at a school or community space


  • Over 3,250 respective ICDL module assessments
  • Over 1,850 ICDL modules passed and certified (67% Female, 33% Male)
  • Over 542 students certified in ICDL modules
  • Over 297 teachers certified in ICDL modules
  • Over 1,573 student assessments in ICDL modules
  • Over 750 beneficiaries certified in ICDL
  • On average, a beneficiary passes ICDL modules across all our projects

Equipment supplied:

  • Over 260,000 computers supplied to other non-profits
  • Supplied equipment to 115 countries
  • Supplied 5,761 computers to over 510 organisations in the UK
  • Supplied 256,448 computers to organisations abroad

IT Disposal/Environmental:

  • Received equipment from 480+ companies
  • Recycled 5283 computers (March 2017-June 2019)
  • Refurbished 11,683 computers (March 2017-June 2019)
  • 69% of equipment reused
  • 160884 kg amount of e-waste prevented
  • 587841 kg amount of carbon offset

According to a recent UN report, electronic waste or e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. 50 million tonnes of e-waste are created every year, with that looking likely to more than double by 2050 to a staggering 110 million tonnes.

Some IT Disposal companies often don’t refurb the equipment, instead they strip it down for precious metals. The Computer Aid Service is different, they only recycle equipment when it can no longer be used with 0% going to landfill.

To learn more about Computer Aid and how you can donate, read more here.

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