Where to start?

Freelancing in the IT world is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are a qualified IT hardware technician looking to make a move into freelancing, a graduate just starting out or thinking about a career in IT hardware support – you are in the right place!

In this blog post we will look at the roles and responsibilities of an IT hardware technician, what qualifications are expected and discuss the steps and benefits of becoming a freelancer in this field of work.


What do hardware technicians do?

Typical responsibilities of an IT hardware technician include:

What skills and qualifications do you need?

To get into this field of work these general skills and qualifications are required:

How do you get into freelancing?

Many professionals prefer to start out in freelancing as a side activity rather than launching into it as their main source of income – this is a great way to dip your toe in the water and see if freelancing is for you. Here’s some tips when you are starting out:

1. Develop a niche skill set

Honing your skills is a great place to start. Become experienced in a certain technology or aspect of IT hardware support. For example, specialise in the support of OEM equipment such as, Cisco, HP or Dell. Build your skill set, identify your strengths and create a CV that demonstrates these.

2. Build your portfolio

This is important as it demonstrates to a potential client your experience. Freelancing can be competitive, by creating a portfolio that is clear and stands out can give you competitive edge.

3. Know what to charge

This might involve some research – take a look at what other freelancers charge in this field of work and in your local geography.

4. Find opportunities

There are several ways to find freelance opportunities including; freelance platforms, existing networks on platforms such as LinkedIn, marketing yourself by promoting your portfolio via a personal website.

What are the benefits?

Freelancing isn’t for everyone but it can provide you with certain benefits:

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