Computers are continuing to shape our society

With the exponential advancement in computer technologies revolutionising our community, more and more people are taking up programming, whether for a professional career or just an enjoyable hobby. You might want to do the same, but where to start?

If you’re looking to get into programming, this blog lists some of the most common and user friendly programming languages in their respective fields out there, giving you the flexibility and ease of access needed to pick up programming skills quickly and apply them to your end goal.

1. Python

Python is one of the most well known platforms for writing coding paradigms, supporting programs ranging from basic addition to fully fledged applications.

Some renowned apps like Dropbox and BitTorrent are made with Python, as well as notorious computer games like Doki Doki Literature Club! and The Sims 4.

Python is a great coding platform because:

  1. It has a simple, concise library of keywords that all perform a single instruction.
  2. It has an advanced IDE that allows for ease of access for newer programmers.
  3. For more advanced programs, imports can be used to expand Python’s capabilities.


Since the start of lockdown, there has been a surge in online shopping, with over a quarter of the global population shopping online. This means that it is becoming paramount for businesses to have their own website.

Like how Python is the face of coding, HTML is the face of web design, and many famous businesses use it to structure their websites. Even Google and Facebook are built using HTML.

HTML is so popular because:

  1. The tags used to operate HTML are self explanatory and shape the program, making it easier to traverse.
  2. The file is compiled – any errors in the program are immediately flagged.
  3. HTML integrates with many other programming languages, like CSS and Javascript.

3. SQL

So you have a website – good! But where do you store information about your products, prices and customers? You need a database to hold these details, and this is where SQL comes in.

SQL is used to make databases, and is well suited to the task.

Some of the reasons why are:

  1. SQL automatically checks its databases to see if they are still valid, and resolve the issue if they aren’t.
  2. Different permissions can be granted to users, improving security.
  3. SQL can be integrated with many different programming languages, including HTML and Python.

4. Java

If you’re looking towards making an application, like a game or media app, particularly one that can run on multiple devices, I’d strongly recommend Java.

Java is one of the most popular platforms for writing both web and mobile apps. A well known example is Minecraft. Interestingly, space technologies like the Maestro Mars Rover were programmed in Java.

Java is such a common choice because:

  1. Java is much more simplistic than other application generation platforms.
  2. Java automatically optimises code to run as efficiently as possible and to take up a minimal amount of memory.
  3. Java uses a virtual machine to run code in. This means that malicious code cannot affect the main computer.

5. PHP

PHP is a programming language commonly used with HTML to develop more advanced websites. If you’re looking to create a professional website, I’d recommend you use PHP.

PHP is such an integral part of web development because:

  1. PHP loads much more quickly than other programming languages.
  2. PHP allows data to be sent between webpages, which is a fundamental requirement for all professional websites.
  3. PHP has built in database protection, which makes databases more secure.

6. C/C++

C is one of the oldest programming languages in existence, created in 1972. It has been the base for more recent programming languages like Python and Java.

C is unique in that it is a middle level language, unlike the aforementioned high level languages we have talked about. A middle level language has aspects of both high level language and machine code.

Some of the benefits of this are:

  1. It can utilise machine code paradigms like kernels and drivers.
  2. It can run on more devices.
  3. It is easy to understand as it links to other programming languages.

7. C#

C# is a more recent programming language built as an advanced version of C. As such it shares many similarities with C, as well as Java.

It is a popular choice for making software, especially computer games. The Unity game engine was built using C#, which is used in many well known games like Pokémon Go and Cuphead.

C# is so suited for the gaming industry because:

  1. It is easy enough to learn and become attuned to.
  2. C# is more efficient than other game oriented programming languages.
  3. C# is object oriented, which gives structure to the program and allows game entities to be created more easily.

The dawn of the digital world

As our world becomes more and more computerised, IT and computer science skills will become more and more sought after. This is a great time to take up these skills and embrace a world of opportunity!

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