5 Reasons To Hire An IT Freelancer

5 Reasons To Hire An IT Freelancer

Josh P.

| 04 Aug 2021 | Category: Inspiration

Source, Hire And Manage With Ease

There is no doubt that technological advancement has opened up the world of freelancing in recent years. Communication tools and methods mean we are more connected than ever. This ability to communicate with anyone, at anytime, anywhere around the world means it is much easier to manage a distributed workforce, contractors and remote freelancers.

The 2020 Intuit Report highlights that, ‘The trend of hiring contingent workers will continue to accelerate, with more than 80% of large corporations planning to sustainably increase their use of a flexible workforce.’

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) is nothing new, according to a recent publication by Statista, the global market size of IT outsourced services is 92.5bn USD and ITO contract value worldwide is 66.5bn USD. For many large corporations, it is far more logical to outsource the whole of their IT business function to a service provider.

But with the rise of IT freelancing, it is now possible for companies of any size to source, hire, manage and coordinate individual freelancers or teams – here are 5 reasons why hiring an IT freelancer could be right for your business.

1. Direct access to a wide talent pool

When hiring for a full-time position, companies are limited to finding the exact skill set in their local area. By hiring a freelancer, they can cast the net wider – even globally depending on the nature of the work. Access to a platform such as that is purely dedicated to the IT industry, allows companies to connect with trusted talent around the world.

2. Flexible, quick and simple

 If a company is looking to fill a temporary skills gap for a project, going the freelance route is quick and easy. A flexible workforce that can be hired 24/7 means companies can remain agile.

3. High quality work with defined deliverables

 It is in a freelancer’s best interest to do an exceptional job. Hiring a freelancer often means you get an experienced professional that can give a project their full attention. By having a dedicated resource, you can get the work done efficiently, to a high standard, in a time frame that suits your company.

4. Affordable costs

 As opposed to hiring a full-time resource, engaging with a freelancer means you don’t need to think about overheads, such as a workspace, benefits or any equipment. You can manage budgets more effectively by paying a fixed rate cost for the work or agreeing an hourly rate with an agreed Scope of Works.

5. Risk Reduction

Hiring a freelancer for a project or ad hoc job means you can scope out a contract with key deliverables before any payment is made. You don’t have to think about training an employee, investing time and money in the process only to potentially lose on that investment if they decide to leave.

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